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Apps Help Parents Protect Teens From Car Accidents


Getting a driver’s license marks an important rite of passage for your teen. It gives them the freedom to go wherever they want, without needing someone else to drive them. This is likely to only increase the worry that goes hand in hand with being a parent, particularly in light of the high rate of teen car accidents. You cannot always keep an eye on them in every situation but there are a variety of cell phone applications on the market that can help you monitor their driving skills. These apps provide peace of mind for you as a parent, while helping to ensure their safety behind the wheel.

Teen Driving Accidents 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), car accidents are the leading cause of death among teens. More than 2,000 teenagers are killed each year on roads throughout the U.S., while roughly 225,000 others suffer serious and potentially disabling injuries. Newly licensed teens are among those most at risk, and the chances of a car accident occurring increase with the number of passengers they have in their vehicle.

Speeding, going too fast for conditions, and distracted driving are among the most common causes for car accidents among teenage drivers. Even teens who are responsible in other ways may be apt to make potentially fatal driving errors when not under the watchful eye of parents. Fortunately, technology has taken advantage of every teenagers best friend-their cellphone-to help parents better monitor their child’s behavior.

Teen Driving Apps to Give Parents Peace of Mind 

An August 2017 New York Times report lists the latest cellphone apps on the market that can help keep your teen driver stay safe. These include:

  • Life 360’s Driver Protect: Provides a safe driver report that allows parents to see where their teen goes, how fast they travel, and when they arrive safely. It also features automatic crash detection and roadside assistance. Available by subscription for $7.99 per month.
  • OnStar Family Link Monitoring: If your vehicle already features OnStar tracking, you can add Family Link service for only $3.99 per month. In addition to location services and crash detection monitoring, it sends you a text alert when your teen reaches their destination safely, without them having to pick up their phone.
  • MOTOSafety: This is one of several companies that offer a device that plugs into your car’s diagnostic system, giving you information via your own phone on driver location and driving history, including speed and brake times. The adapter involves a one time fee of less than $80.

In addition to the above, many insurance companies also home safe driving apps, which can protect your teen while reducing their insurance costs. 

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