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Road Construction Increases Risk for Car Accidents

By Wexler Law Firm |

Local road and state highway construction is a fact of life for those living in south Florida. While many of these projects are spurred by required infrastructure updates and the need to accommodate increased traffic, it can make these sections of road dangerous for motorists who have to travel them each day. Changes in… Read More »


Road Debris a Factor in Truck Accidents and Injuries

By Wexler Law Firm |

Driving down the highway, it is hard not to notice the amount of debris that accumulates. Cardboard boxes, pieces of tire or metal, and pieces of tarp regularly litter the sides of the road and cause drivers to weave from lane to lane to avoid collisions. The fact is, road debris presents a significant… Read More »


Killer Fleeing the Scene Causes Wrong Way Car Accident In Palm Beach County

By Wexler Law Firm |

Police chases are a fact of life when dealing with criminals attempting to evade arrest. Unfortunately, too often they put innocent lives in danger and end up resulting in serious and potentially life threatening car accidents and injuries. A recent case near West Palm Beach highlights the potential dangers. Suspect Responsible for Three Separate,… Read More »


Recent Brightline Train Incident the Sixth to Occur Since Last Year

By Wexler Law Firm |

Eliminating traffic congestion while getting people where they need to go is a major concern for state traffic officials and highway engineers in South Florida. In January 2017, Brightline trains promised to do just that. Reaching from Fort Lauderdale clear through West Palm Beach with plans to extend into the surrounding areas, the service… Read More »


Driver Health Plays a Role in Truck Accidents and Injuries

By Wexler Law Firm |

Driving a truck for a living is a demanding occupation. In addition to the hours spent away from your family members, drivers work long shifts, face the physical demands of loading and unloading cargo, and must successfully navigate big rigs weighing up to 80,000 pounds through a variety of different road, traffic, and weather… Read More »


Collisions Between Car and Motorcycles

By Wexler Law Firm |

Spring weather brings an increase in motorcyclists on Florida roads, and drivers can expect to see plentiful numbers of them throughout our area. Tourists and residents both often enjoy motorcycling as a hobby, but it is important for other drivers to respect their space and their right to be on the road to prevent… Read More »


Car and Truck Accidents on I-94 and US-1 Rank Deadliest In Nation

By Wexler Law Firm |

If you live in West Palm Beach, chances are you use Interstate 95 and US 1 on a fairly regular basis. These mega highways are among the busiest in the nation, and they are also among the most deadly. Crowded lanes, high speeds, and reckless driving behaviors all make serious car and truck accidents… Read More »


Thousands Injured in West Palm Beach Car Accidents During 2017

By Wexler Law Firm |

Car accidents take a heavy toll on motorists and their passengers throughout Florida each year. In addition to crashes and collisions resulting in property damages, these accidents often end up resulting in serious, potentially disabling, and even life threatening injuries. Close to home, traffic conditions in West Palm Beach and our proximity to major… Read More »


South Florida Plans Future for Self-Driving Cars, but Questions Linger over Safety

By Wexler Law Firm |

Self-driving vehicles are still decades away from being common place on the road, but there is no denying we are headed in that direction. Many cars now already incorporate autonomous safety features, such as back-up warning alerts, automatic lane detection, and forward collision avoidance systems. The majority of car accidents are generally caused by… Read More »


Congress Weighs Mandating Side Guards to Prevent Underride Truck Accidents

By Wexler Law Firm |

Underride accidents occur when a passenger vehicle collides with a truck, passing completely underneath the trailer of the rig. As one of the most common types of truck accidents, they have the potential to result in severe and oftentimes fatal injuries. For decades, underride guards have been mandated for use on the back section… Read More »

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