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Driving In Florida Requires Extra Precautions During Hurricane Season

By Wexler Law Firm |

The Atlantic hurricane season runs from May through November, but it is often the late summer months when severe storms become more common. Driving during wind, rain, or fog and the potential for flooding can significantly increase your risks for car accidents and injuries, and it is important for all drivers to take extra… Read More »


Truck Jackknifing Accidents A Serious Danger In Florida

By Wexler Law Firm |

Eighteen-wheelers and semi-tractor trailers truck drivers are charged with maintaining control over vehicles that are massive in terms of both size and weight, and even the slightest error or mistake can have potentially deadly consequences. In addition to endangering the truck driver, truck accidents present a major hazard for other motorists, and are an… Read More »


Improper Maintenance Makes Truck Accidents More Likely

By Wexler Law Firm |

Considering their large size and the heavy loads often carried by most semi-trucks and tractor trailers, performing regular vehicle equipment and parts checks and making the necessary repairs is key in helping to prevent truck accidents and injuries. In Florida, an alarming number of trucks routinely fail to pass state inspections and are cited… Read More »


Medications Increase Risk For Car Accidents and Injuries

By Wexler Law Firm |

Most of us are familiar with the dangers posed by driving under the influence of alcohol, but did you know that the medication you are taking could increase your risk as well? Even over the counter medicines and routine prescription medications can result in impairments that make car accidents and injuries more likely to… Read More »


Government Recalls Help To Prevent Car Accidents Due To Safety Defects

By Wexler Law Firm |

Whether you buy a car used or new from a dealer, you likely assume it is free from manufacturing defects that could put you and your passengers at risk. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Each year, hundreds of thousands of vehicles are recalled by auto manufacturers for defects that could end up… Read More »


Statistics Show Motorists Often Share Blame In Truck Driving Accidents

By Wexler Law Firm |

Due to their large size and the combined weight of the vehicle and the cargo it carries, trucks have a much more difficult time responding to sudden changes in traffic conditions than other motor vehicles. While car drivers may be able to swerve to avoid hitting you if you make a mistake, trucks are… Read More »


Six New Automotive Technologies To Help Prevent Car Accidents and Injuries

By Wexler Law Firm |

Car accidents involve a variety of factors, such as road, traffic, and weather conditions, as well as the reckless actions of other drivers. At the same time, you can help reduce your risk of being in a collision by avoiding behaviors such as speeding or distracted driving and being more aware of other drivers… Read More »


Rollover Truck Accidents: How and Why They Occur

By Wexler Law Firm |

With all the major highways and interstates running throughout Florida, truck accidents are an unfortunately frequent occurrence. Among the most common and often fatal types of truck accidents is rollovers, in which the truck overturns on a road or highway, resulting in collisions with other vehicles. While these accidents and the heavy medical expenses… Read More »


Safety Tips To Avoid Car Accidents During Florida’s Hurricane Season

By Wexler Law Firm |

The heavy winds, rain, and flooding that accompany tropical storms and hurricanes in Florida are nothing to take lightly, and predictions are that the 2017 hurricane season will end up being an active one. In addition to damages to homes and businesses, weather-related car accidents pose a significant threat. To protect their own safety… Read More »


Not Getting Enough Sleep? Excessive Fatigue A Factor In Car and Truck Accidents

By Wexler Law Firm |

The demands of work, school, family, and our personal lives can deprive our bodies of the proper amount of sleep. In addition to affecting our health in a variety of harmful ways, sleep deprivation and excessive fatigue can also make car and truck accidents more likely to occur. Drowsy Driving  Along with reckless driving… Read More »

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