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West Palm Beach Truck Accident Lawyer

18-wheeler tractor-trailers are a fixture of our roads and highways, as anyone who regularly travels on Florida’s Turnpike or I-95 knows. While these big rigs are an essential part of our nation’s commerce and transportation system, semi-trucks can prove dangerous on the road for occupants of smaller, lighter motor vehicles. Unfortunately, about 40,000 truck accidents occur on Florida roads each year, injuring thousands and resulting in hundreds of deaths. Truck driver error or poor vehicle maintenance are frequently the cause. If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck accident, the West Palm Beach truck accident lawyers will fight to hold the truck driver and trucking company accountable for their negligence and see that you are fully compensated for the suffering and costs of your injury.

Truck Driver Error & Trucking Company Negligence are Frequently to Blame for Truck Accidents

At 80,000 pounds when fully-loaded, a single tractor-trailer can weigh 16 times as much as the average passenger vehicle. This enormous disparity in size and weight means that any car-truck accident is potentially disastrous to the occupants of the motor vehicle. Additionally, it means that semi-trucks need to allow for far more stopping distance and reaction time to respond to traffic conditions. Another concern is the number of blind spots for an 18-wheeler, which extend for several car lengths and across multiple lanes on all sides of the truck.

Truck drivers need to be aware of all of these dangers and limitations, and to drive with care for the other vehicles on the road. Unfortunately, truckers are often pressured to reach their destination as quickly as possible, which means they may not always put safety first. Federal regulations, written with the help of the trucking industry lobby, allow truckers to be on duty up to 14 hours a day, including 11 hours behind the wheel, over a “workweek” which can be seven or eight days long. To make matters worse, truck drivers routinely violate these regulations and drive even longer than is permitted. Driver fatigue – and even falling asleep at the wheel – is a very real danger created when truckers put more time behind the wheel than is safe.

Another danger is the lack of proper vehicle maintenance. Random safety inspections conducted every year frequently find semis on the road with out-of-adjustment brakes and tires so bad the trucks must be immediately pulled from service. Thousands of such rigs are currently on the road right now. Federal regulations require trucking companies to inspect, maintain and repair their fleets in good working order, but these important safety rules are sometimes simply ignored.

Get Help from an Experienced West Palm Beach Truck Accident Lawyer who Knows how to Handle Florida Trucking Accidents

When a serious truck accident occurs, the Wexler Law Firm will travel to the scene to capture as much information as possible. Our team employs accident reconstructionists and other experts as necessary to determine what happened and hold trucking companies liable when they are responsible for causing a crash. We know that truckers and trucking companies often falsify records to make it look like they were in compliance with the law when they really weren’t. We know how to uncover the facts and build a strong case for our clients.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck accident in West Palm Beach, call the experienced West Palm Beach truck accident lawyers at 561-250-8714 for a free consultation regarding your potential claims.

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