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West Palm Beach Personal Injury Lawyer

A Respected Personal Injury Lawyer with Over 27 Years of Experience

Since 1989, lawyer Gregg Wexler has been helping injured people in West Palm Beach recover compensation for their injuries from the responsible party, enabling them to obtain quality care for their injuries, support their families during their recuperation, and the help they need to move forward with the best possible quality of life one can expect following a serious injury.

Having an experienced lawyer on your side with a record of success is key to negotiating a fair settlement with the insurance company, or for obtaining a favorable jury verdict when trial is necessary. No matter the size of your case, at the Wexler Law Firm your matter will be handled personally by Gregg Wexler himself. Larger firms may advertise big-name lawyers and big results, but you may not actually get that lawyer, or that result. At the Wexler Law Firm, you know that the experienced and successful lawyer Gregg Wexler will be working directly on your case. He takes your case on personally because it is as important to him as it is to you.

When an accident occurs because of another’s negligence, Florida personal injury law recognizes the right of the injured victim to be compensated by the negligent party. However, the entire burden for obtaining that compensation falls on the shoulders of the victim. For instance, it is the injury victim’s responsibility to prove that the negligent party is liable for the injuries caused, and to prove the nature and extent of those injuries. Meanwhile, defendants and their insurance companies try to deny responsibility or pay as little as possible, by downplaying the severity of an injury or claiming the victim was actually at fault.

Lawyer Gregg Wexler can be your advocate in this process. He knows the law and the legal system, and he knows all the insurance company tricks and tactics they use to evade their responsibility. The Wexler Law Firm handles a wide range of personal injury matters in West Palm Beach, including auto, truck and motorcycle accidents, uninsured motorist claims, slip and fall accidents and wrongful death claims.

Florida Personal Injury FAQs

Getting no-fault insurance benefits or obtaining compensation from an at-fault driver after a Florida car accident can be a confusing and intimidating experience. The more you know about the process, the more comfortable you will be going through what is often an otherwise stressful time. Below are answers to some of the questions frequently encountered by lawyer Gregg Wexler as he helps people who have been seriously hurt in car accidents due to another’s negligence in West Palm Beach. If you have other questions or need to speak to an lawyer about a car, truck or motorcycle accident or other personal injury, call the Wexler Law Firm at 561-250-8714 for a free consultation.

What do I do if I’ve been in a car accident?

Your first action should be to check for injuries among yourself and everyone involved in the accident. Render aid if appropriate or call 911 for help. Even if there do not appear to be any serious injuries, you should still call 911, the highway patrol or the sheriff to come and make a report of the accident. Meanwhile, you can exchange information with the other driver, including driver’s license numbers and insurance information. Insurance information should be limited to the name of the insurance company and policy number; don’t offer information regarding coverage or policy limits or get into a discussion about who was to blame. If there are witnesses to the accident, try to get their contact information as well. If you can, take pictures of the scene, including the damage to both vehicles, tire marks and other property damage.

As soon as you can after the accident, notify your insurance company about the accident, and contact an lawyer to walk you through the appropriate next steps. If you did not need emergency medical treatment after the accident, it is still a good idea to schedule a visit with your regular physician, who can look you over and advise you of symptoms to watch out for which may indicate a brain injury, muscle sprain or other trauma.

How long do I have to file a claim?

While you should notify your insurance company as soon as possible after a car accident in order to protect your right to no-fault benefits, you have up to four years to file a civil claim against the at-fault driver in the event you were seriously injured under Florida law (see our Auto Accident page for more information on what constitutes a “serious” injury). Even though you have up to four years from the date of the accident, it may be harder to pursue your claim if you wait that long, as witness memories and other evidence may become less reliable over time. Contact an experienced Florida auto accident lawyer as soon as you can, so your lawyer can investigate the accident while it is still fresh and take steps to collect and preserve evidence. An experienced personal injury lawyer will likely not try to settle your case until you have been declared “medically stationary” by a physician, and the full amount of your damages are known. This may occur six months or more after the accident, depending on the nature of the injury. Your lawyer can advise you on options to collect benefits or deal with expenses in the meantime.

What if the driver who hit me failed to stop, or fled the scene before exchanging information?

In the case of a hit and run or unknown at-fault driver, you can make a claim through the Uninsured Motorist (UM) coverage on your liability insurance policy. You should still contact an lawyer for help in this process, because even though you are dealing with your own insurance company, you may still have to fight to get the full amount of benefits you are entitled to, and you will need the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer who knows insurance company tactics and tricks.

The insurance company says I am partially at fault in the accident, and they are only offering me a portion of my damages. Can they do that?

If you were partially to blame in causing an accident or aggravating your injuries, then the amount of damages you can recover from the other negligent party can be reduced proportionately. If this is happening to you, call our office. We will conduct our own investigation and determine whether you were truly partially at fault or not, and we won’t let your claim be reduced by insurance company allegations that are not supported by the facts. Putting the blame on you is a common insurance company tactic to avoid paying you fully; let lawyer Gregg Wexler be your voice and advocate in dealing with insurance companies at the bargaining table or in court.

What are punitive damages?

As the name implies, punitive damages are meant to punish the defendant for particularly bad behavior. In contrast, compensatory damages are meant to compensate the injured victim, known as the plaintiff, for damages such as medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering, etc. While compensatory damages are available in cases of ordinary negligence, punitive damages are only awarded when the plaintiff can prove gross negligence or intentional misconduct on the part of the defendant. The courts require plaintiffs to meet a higher standard to prove punitive damages, and they are not awarded in most cases. At the Wexler Law Firm, we are committed to obtaining the best result possible on your behalf, and we will vigorously pursue punitive damages in appropriate cases.

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For any Florida personal injury matter, call our office at 561-250-8714 to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation, confidential consultation, and find out what we can do for you. Weekend or evening meetings are available, and if you cannot travel to our office, we are happy to come visit you at your home, in the hospital, or wherever is most convenient. Spanish-language services are available, and we never charge a fee unless we obtain a recovery for you. Your health and recovery are important to us. Let our West Palm Beach personal injury lawyer help you get the care you need.

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Florida drivers cause over 250,000 auto accidents a year through distracted driving, speeding, drunk driving and other negligent or reckless acts behind the wheel. Unfortunately, thousands of people suffer serious injury from these crashes, and several hundred die in these needless, preventable tragedies.


18-wheeler tractor-trailers are a fixture of our roads and highways, as anyone who regularly travels on Florida’s Turnpike or the I-95 knows. While these big rigs are an essential part of our nation’s commerce and transportation system, semi-trucks can prove dangerous on the road for occupants of smaller, lighter motor vehicles.


With an abundance of good weather and wide open roads, Florida seems like a great place to ride, and indeed Florida is one of the top three states in the nation with the most motorcycle registrations. Unfortunately, Florida is also consistently among the top three states in the country with the highest numbers of motorcycle accidents, injuries and deaths.

Slip & Fall

While the average slip and fall accident may be minor and insignificant, leading to nothing more than slight bruising and discomfort, some slip and fall accidents are tragic. To be sure, the worst slip and fall accidents can lead to injuries that require thousands of dollars’ worth of medical expenses, result in permanent injuries, and may even cause death.

  • "Finding Mr. Wexler Was a Blessing"

    I could not be happier with the outcome of my case. Gregg Wexler came to my house to meet with me after I had my accident because I couldn’t walk. He explained exactly what was going to happen and how he was going to help, it really made my worries go away. Finding Mr. Wexler was a blessing, he made such a bad situation so much better.

    Maria B.
  • "Mr. Wexler and his staff were really helpful"

    Mr. Wexler and his staff were really helpful in getting my case settled. I was rear ended by someone and Mr. Wexler helped me get my car fixed and get money from the insurance company for my medical bills and the time I missed from work. I’d definitely recommend them to someone else who needed a lawyer for an accident.

    Marty G.
  • "It’s amazing what a good attorney can do"

    I was in an accident and tried to negotiate with the insurance company on my own, how hard could it be right? What a nightmare! I decided I needed an attorney and was referred to Gregg Wexler by a co-worker of mine. It’s amazing what a good attorney can do. He settled my claim for me and it worked out better than I could have ever imagined.

    William C.
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