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Car Accidents Involving Uninsured/Underinsured Drivers

By Wexler Law Firm |

The only thing worse than getting into a car accident caused by another driver’s reckless actions is finding out that driver lacks car insurance or does not have enough to cover the damages you have suffered. As a ‘no fault’ insurance state, your own insurance coverage will likely cover at least part of your… Read More »


Seven Common Mistakes that Can Cause Truck Accidents

By Wexler Law Firm |

Being a truck driver is a demanding job. Burnout is common, which makes holding onto seasoned truckers a bit of a challenge. Unfortunately, putting new drivers with little practical experience behind the wheel can be dangerous and even life threatening, as mistakes and errors these drivers make increase the risk of truck accidents and… Read More »


Trucking Lifestyle Impacts Industry, Could increase Accident Risks

By Wexler Law Firm |

For those who spend their time working in factories or in an office doing a nine to five shift, the idea of being able to travel for a living while working at your own pace sounds promising. Truck drivers are one of the few fields in which this is possible, but the reality of… Read More »


Defensive Driving Tips to Prevent Car Accidents Among Older Adults

By Wexler Law Firm |

Older adult drivers face unique challenges behind the wheel. Due to age and certain types of health issues, they often experience symptoms and side effects which can make car accidents and injuries more likely to occur. If you or a loved one is over the age of 65, there are common issues you need… Read More »


Drowsy Driving: How Losing Sleep Impacts Drivers

By Wexler Law Firm |

Whether due to stress, the demands of being a parent, or work and school schedules that keep you burning the midnight oil, a lack of sleep can have a significant impact on your driving abilities. Car accidents caused by fatigued drivers have become increasingly common, causing serious and potentially life threatening injuries. The following… Read More »


CDL Licensing Skill Tests: Do They Help Prevent Truck Accidents?

By Wexler Law Firm |

In order to obtain a commercial driver’s license in Florida, truck drivers must first pass a series of skills tests. Conducted both on and off the road, these tests help to ensure the driver has basic knowledge in how to handle their rig, ensuring the safety of other drivers on the road. While these… Read More »


How the Day, Time, and Place Increases Truck Accident Risks

By Wexler Law Firm |

A truck accident is a complex event. The driver, the vehicle, the amount being hauled, along with road, traffic, and weather conditions can all be contributing factors. Unfortunately, these accidents often involve serious and potentially life threatening injuries for other motorists. To understand how to reduce your risks, it helps to be aware of… Read More »


Top Ten Defensive Driving Tips

By Wexler Law Firm |

Car accidents and injuries can happen to even the safest and most experienced of drivers, but being aware of potential dangers and how to respond can help to decrease your accident risks. The following defensive driving tips and suggestions are designed to help ensure the safety of you and your passengers when on the… Read More »


Self Driving Technology: Could It Help Prevent Truck Accidents?

By Wexler Law Firm |

Self driving technology is poised to become a reality in the United States, impacting regular motorists along with people who make their living behind the wheel. Proponents in the trucking industry claim that it could help to reduce the rate of truck accidents and injuries. Those against it are concerned that by decreasing the… Read More »


Safety Tips to Protect Your Child on Halloween

By Wexler Law Firm |

Fall is a fun time of year for children and their parents. As the weather turns a little cooler, there are plenty of area activities to participate in, such as hayrides, corn mazes, and haunted houses. Children in particular look forward to Halloween, with the opportunity to dress up in elaborate costumes while collecting… Read More »

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