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Car Accidents Involving Emergency Vehicles

By Wexler Law Firm |

You are driving down the highway or sitting in traffic and you hear the blare of sirens approaching from the distance. In that particular moment, the actions you take could have serious ramifications. You risk preventing emergency workers from doing their duties, and put yourself at risk for car accidents and injuries. Unfortunately, collisions… Read More »


Congress Set to Discuss Disputes Over Trucker Rest Breaks in 2018

By Wexler Law Firm |

Truck drivers work grueling shifts, spending long hours on the road. Safety advocates warn of the potential dangers, in which overwork, lack of sleep, and eating or drinking behind the wheel make truck accidents more likely to occur. Whereas states currently have the ability to create their own policies in this regard, as Congress… Read More »


How Slipstreaming Can Help Reduce Truck Accidents and Injuries

By Wexler Law Firm |

If you are headed down the road in a mid size car and see a caravan of two or more trucks following closely together and driving at a high rate of speed, it can be rather intimidating. With their massive size and bulk, you would have little chance of escaping unharmed in the event… Read More »


Teen Driver in The Family? What You Need to Know

By Wexler Law Firm |

For teens, learning to drive and getting their license is a major rite of passage, another step on the path to adulthood. For parents, it often means the end of having to act as their chauffeur to and from school events and outings with friends, but it can also mean nights spent up wondering… Read More »


Speed-Related Truck Accidents

By Wexler Law Firm |

In the rush to get where we are going, many of us do not even think twice about driving several miles per hour over the speed. In fact, on some roads, other drivers may get angry or begin tailgating you if you do not drive at excess speeds. Unfortunately, this type of behavior puts… Read More »


New Safety Features in 2018 Help to Prevent Car Accidents

By Wexler Law Firm |

If a new year has you thinking about trading in your current vehicle for a fresher model, you have plenty of options to consider. While size, price, and mileage are always important, 2018 model year cars also come equipped with a variety of safety features meant to protect you and your passengers against car… Read More »


Play It Safe over New Year’s Eve

By Wexler Law Firm |

If you have not made plans for where to spend New Year’s Eve in West Palm Beach, now is the time to do so. Restaurants quickly fill up with reservations, and many of the local clubs feature special events that require an advance ticket purchase. As part of your plans, make sure to make… Read More »


Moving? Tips for Driving a Rental Truck

By Wexler Law Firm |

Rental trucks come in handy on certain occasions, such as when children go off to college or get their own apartment, as well as when you want to save money on your own moving expenses. While moving truck companies are convenient, it is important to be cautious before climbing behind the wheel. Driving a… Read More »


Dealing with a Trucking Company after an Accident

By Wexler Law Firm |

With the large amount of consumer goods shipped throughout the Florida and across the country, there seems to be an overall increase in the number of semi trucks and other big rigs on the road. Unfortunately, truck accidents have also become increasingly common, and the large size and bulk of the trucks involved often… Read More »


Protecting Children in Your Vehicle

By Wexler Law Firm |

Driving with children is often chaotic. Making sure they have the appropriate gear and getting them safely into the vehicle can easily strain your nerves. Once you are on the road, issues often arise, whether it is fighting with a sibling or other items dropped on surrounding seats or floor areas. While overseeing everything… Read More »

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