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Distracted Driving in Florida


Nearly everyone is aware of distracted driving, but not everyone may fully be aware of the dangers that it poses to not only the driver, but also their passengers and other motor vehicle operators sharing the road with them. Distracted driving is defined as taking part in any activity that takes your attention away from driving, and this includes using your phone, eating, drinking, talking to other passengers, and playing with the different systems in your car (entertainment and navigation). However, the most dangerous of these activities is texting while driving. In 2015, almost 3,500 people were killed in accidents involving distracted drivers and almost 400,000 were injured.

The Interesting Case of Social Media

Teens, according to virtually every study on distracted driving, are vastly more likely to be distracted while driving, and involved in accidents due to distracted driving. Social media plays a huge part in distracted driving, not only with teens. Social media can be exceptionally dangerous in causing an accident, but can also have negative effects after the accident as well. Namely, it can be used as evidence. The time stamps on different social media posts can be used to show if you were using the apps while driving. Another way they can have effects after the accident is if you post about the accident after it happened. It is strongly advised that you do not post about an accident you were involved in until you have spoken to an experienced attorney.

Florida Laws

Florida has a stricter stance on distracted driving than other states, and although it may seem harsh, for our safety it is an excellent protection to have. Florida strictly prohibits texting while operating a car or motor vehicle. Furthermore, Florida prohibits the use of any other electronic device for the purpose of texting or writing an e-mail. The intent of the law is to improve the safety for pedestrians, bikers, drivers, and anyone else who uses the roads, and to decrease the rate of crashes on Florida streets. Distracted driving is inherently dangerous, and it is encouraging to see Illinois take such a strict stance on preventing distracted driving and in effect, preventing many accident and saving lives.

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