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Killer Fleeing the Scene Causes Wrong Way Car Accident In Palm Beach County


Police chases are a fact of life when dealing with criminals attempting to evade arrest. Unfortunately, too often they put innocent lives in danger and end up resulting in serious and potentially life threatening car accidents and injuries. A recent case near West Palm Beach highlights the potential dangers.

Suspect Responsible for Three Separate, Nearly Head On Collisions

In February 2018, just south of our area in Lantana, a suspect fleeing arrest for a murder headed the wrong way on I-95 in an attempt to flee the scene and elude law enforcement. CBS News reported that his reckless actions resulted in three separate, nearly head on collisions with other vehicles. The criminal, who was involved in a shooting in West Palm Beach the night before, is accused of fatally shooting a woman in the Lake Worth shopping center at roughly 9:30 a.m. the next morning.

Dispatchers received the call about a car heading the wrong way south on the Interstate approximately 15 minutes after the shooting occurred. An officer confronted the suspect, who was stopped at the scene of the third collision. The deceased woman was still in the shooter’s vehicle. The trooper tried to deploy his taser, which did not work. He ended up shooting the suspect, in fear for his own safety. The drivers in the three vehicles impacted by collisions with the shooter were lucky. Although each suffered injuries serious enough to require emergency medical care, not of their injuries were determined to be life threatening.

Car Accidents Due to Suspects Evading Police

While the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) do not keep tabs on the number of car accidents due specifically to criminals fleeing from the scene, they do regularly monitor the number of collisions that occur as the result of high speed police chases. Law enforcement officials are often forced to resort to these types of pursuits in apprehending suspects. Unfortunately, it does put the general public at risk.

The BJS reports that over the last two decades, an average of 355 people are killed in these chases each year, which amounts to roughly one person each day. Suspects going at high rates of speed, driving the wrong way on local roads and state highways, running red lights, and disregarding traffic signals force the hand of officers in pursuit. Law enforcement officials have the heavy task of weighing the risks these chases present against the dangers associated with letting criminals get away.

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