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New Safety Features in 2018 Help to Prevent Car Accidents


If a new year has you thinking about trading in your current vehicle for a fresher model, you have plenty of options to consider. While size, price, and mileage are always important, 2018 model year cars also come equipped with a variety of safety features meant to protect you and your passengers against car accidents and injuries. Depending on the model and manufacturer, these may either come standard or as add on packages for a few extra dollars. All are worth taking the time to get familiar with.

Automatic Car Safety Features for 2018

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were close to six million car accidents that occurred in 2016. In addition to causing serious and potentially debilitating injuries, car crashes and collision claim close to 40,000 lives each year. In roughly 93 percent of these cases, driver error was ultimately to blame.

In an effort to reduce these numbers, the NHTSA and car manufacturers have been working to develop new automatic car technologies to help prevent driver errors which make injuries and fatalities more likely to occur. If you are in the market for a newer vehicle, some of the latest features to look for include the following:

  • Forward collision warning systems, which can alert drivers to stop before they end up hitting the vehicle in front of them;
  • Automatic emergency braking, which works with your car system to automatically apply the brakes when a collision is imminent;
  • Pedestrian automatic emergency braking, which can save the lives of others in crosswalks and intersections;
  • Adaptive lighting, to help avoid causing glare for oncoming vehicles, reducing head on collision risks;
  • Rear automatic braking, which can help prevent accidents when pulling out of your driveway or a parking lot space;
  • Rear video systems and backup cameras, which can help prevent rollover accidents involving children;
  • Lane departure warning systems, which alert you if your car drifts into the opposing lane;
  • Blind spot protection, which allows you to see cars or pedestrians in areas around your vehicle;
  • Adaptive cruise control and highway piloting, which maintain speeds while keeping you a safe distance from other drivers and centered in your lane.

The Insurance Information Institute (III) rewards automakers who place a priority on driver and passenger safety. When considering a new car, you can check the III website for safety ratings, along with checking out which particular models are current award winners.

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