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Parking Lot Accidents Are Dangerous for Drivers and Pedestrians


While severe and potentially fatal injuries are most commonly associated with car accidents that occur on roads and highways where drivers are traveling at high rates of speed, any type of collision can leave you suffering serious damages. Parking lot accidents are a prime example, and can end up injuring drivers along with pedestrians. These types of accidents have become increasingly common, but we have tips that can help reduce your risks.

Parking Lot Accident Statistics

It is easy to get distracted when driving through a parking lot. Busy shoppers, restaurant patrons, and office employees are all at risk for parking lot accidents, both as drivers and as pedestrians walking through these areas.

According to statistics from the safety experts at EHS Today, more than 50,000 parking lot accidents occur each year in the U.S. These accidents cause serious injuries for thousands of motorists and result in as many as 500 deaths. Distracted driving and speeding are among the most common causes, and they are more likely to occur over holidays, major sales events, and on the weekends.

In addition to the number of drivers injured as a result of parking lot accidents, pedestrians face significant risks as well. More than 11,000 are injured each year as the result of being hit by cars, often as the result of drivers not looking before backing up or failing to pay attention to parking lot traffic signs.

Protecting Yourself Against Parking Lot Accidents 

Signage plays a big role in controlling the traffic flow in parking lots, particularly those surrounding big box stores, malls, and other places which see a high level of traffic. My Parking Sign is an online retailer that supplies signs to merchants, whose goal is often to reduce their own liability in loading areas and other public spaces.

The company claims that high traffic congestion, competition for parking spaces, and drivers backing out of a parking spot are among the most common reasons as to why parking lot accidents occur. They offer these tips for drivers and pedestrians to protect themselves:

For Pedestrians

  • Avoid distractions. Keep your cell phone put away and focus on getting safely to your vehicle.
  • Stay alert. Pay particular attention to a driver’s taillights and when crossing empty spaces.
  • Follow the rules. Avoid walking down the middle of a driving lane, and cross only at designated crosswalk locations.

For Drivers

  • Be careful where you park. Choose a space where traffic is less likely to be congested.
  • Obey traffic signs. Come to a complete stop at stop signs and obey speed limits.
  • Look before driving. Before backing into or out of a space, double check to ensure no pedestrians or other vehicles are nearby.

If you or someone you care about suffers injuries in a parking lot accident, contact Gregg Wexler to get the professional legal help you need. We can arrange a consultation with a West Palm Beach car accident attorney, who can advise you on how to get the compensation you need to recover.


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