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Recent Brightline Train Incident the Sixth to Occur Since Last Year


Eliminating traffic congestion while getting people where they need to go is a major concern for state traffic officials and highway engineers in South Florida. In January 2017, Brightline trains promised to do just that. Reaching from Fort Lauderdale clear through West Palm Beach with plans to extend into the surrounding areas, the service offers clean, modern cars and a handy, convenient schedule that delivers commuters quickly to where they need to be. Unfortunately, since it opened it has been plagued by a steady stream of accidents and mishaps, which have resulted in serious personal injuries to both pedestrians and bicyclists. The following offers information about these incidents, as well as what you need to do to protect yourself from harm.

Brightline Accidents Result in Injuries, Fatalities 

According to a Miami Herald report, a Brightline train struck and injured a pedestrian near the Wilton Manors station on February 8, 2018. It is unclear how the victim, who police have not identified, came to be in the train’s path or whether the safety gates surrounding the tracks were down and in place. What is known is that the man ended up laying in between the tracks as the train approached, miraculously avoiding being struck directly. He did suffer non-life-threatening injuries and was taken to the local hospital, where he is recovering. The near miss is the second one to occur this year, and the sixth to happen since testing on the train began in 2017.

To date, there have been four fatalities and two cases involving injuries associated with the new commuter train. Most involve pedestrians or cyclists trying to get across the tracks. Brightline, a private rail line that boasts maximum speeds of 79 miles per hour, claims that in each of the incidents Brightline safety measures were not to blame.

Train Safety

Brightline trains claim to be the first in the country to offer fully ADA-compliant access, while the locomotives operate with diesel-electric engines for less noise and reduced emissions. The trains offer upscale comfort, with large windows, leather reclining seats, free wifi, and USB ports. Passengers can choose between Select or Smart coach seating options, and there are plans to offer weekly and monthly passes to appeal to more budget conscious consumers.

The multiple train stations which have sprouted up in our area are an object of curiosity for local residents. At the stations, stand behind safety lines and avoid crowding. When walking or biking throughout these areas, you need to be extra alert for warning signs and signals of approaching trains. Under no circumstances should you get anywhere near the tracks. As the previous year has shown, doing so presents a significant risk for serious and potentially life-threatening injuries.

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