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Seven Common Mistakes that Can Cause Truck Accidents


Being a truck driver is a demanding job. Burnout is common, which makes holding onto seasoned truckers a bit of a challenge. Unfortunately, putting new drivers with little practical experience behind the wheel can be dangerous and even life threatening, as mistakes and errors these drivers make increase the risk of truck accidents and injuries. The following are five common mistakes new truck drivers are likely to make.

Mistakes New Truck Drivers Make

According to, trucking remains one of the most dangerous occupations. On average, close to 800 drivers are killed as the result of truck accidents annually, which represents roughly 25 percent of all job-related fatalities. Over the past decade, the overall number of fatal truck accidents has increased by as much as ten percent each year.

Increasing demand on the trucking industry often leads to less experienced truckers on the road. It takes years of actual driving time to learn how to handle a truck safely, and an Inexperienced driver’s attitude can put themselves and others on the road at risk. Transit Transportation Management Systems reports the following as the most common and potentially dangerous inexperienced trucker mistakes:

  1. Being overconfident. While sitting behind the wheel of an 18 wheeler can make you feel invincible, showing off or bullying other drivers can have deadly consequences.
  2. Not taking advice. Truckers with more experience can give you tips for avoiding – or getting out of – tight situations. Listen to those who have been driving longer than you.
  3. Taking bad advice. Conversely, use your head when determining whose advice to take.  Most truckers are conscientious drivers, but beware of anyone who takes safety shortcuts or tries to bend the rules.
  4. Being too proud to ask for help. Difficult driving maneuvers, such as backing up or driving in severe weather, take time to learn. Do not hesitate to ask for assistance when you need it, to take your time completing tasks, and to admit when you are in over your head.
  5. Not clarifying instructions. Being a trucker often requires you to stand up for yourself, even if it means making your boss mad or being late on a shipment. Clarify schedules and make sure you have adequate time, allowing for safe speeds and adequate rest stops.

Additional mistakes new truckers often make include not getting enough sleep before a trip, not eating properly on the road, or using artificial substances to stay awake. Taking care of yourself and double checking to ensure your rig is in good mechanical condition can save your life and the lives of others when you are on the road.

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