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Speed-Related Truck Accidents


In the rush to get where we are going, many of us do not even think twice about driving several miles per hour over the speed. In fact, on some roads, other drivers may get angry or begin tailgating you if you do not drive at excess speeds. Unfortunately, this type of behavior puts both them and you in danger, and can be particularly deadly when it involves trucks and tractor trailers. Speeding is a leading cause of truck accidents and injuries, and increases the likelihood that any collision that does occur will be fatal.

Speeding and Truck Accidents

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), close to 90,000 injury-related truck accidents occur each year, and over 4,000 of these end up being fatal. In two thirds of all truck accidents, it is other motorists rather than the truck driver who suffers the greatest amount of harm. FMCSA crash reports indicate that speeding on the part of truck drivers is a leading contributing factor In roughly two thirds of these cases, and the faster a truck is going, the greater the likelihood that injuries will be serious and potentially life threatening.

With their massive size and bulk, trucks are more difficult to manage. They take longer to come to a stop in traffic or at red lights and intersections, and navigating turns, corners, and bends in the highway requires greater effort. When a road, traffic, or weather-related mishap occurs, trucks need additional time to recover. In many cases, going too fast makes it impossible to respond to these situations, and makes it more likely that the driver will lose control of their rig

Driving Too Fast for Conditions

In addition to going over the speed limit, the FMCSA warns all drivers against the dangers of driving too fast for conditions. For commercial motor vehicles, being aware of the risks is particularly important, as accidents they are involved in can cause chain reactions, impacting every other motorist traveling on the road.

The FMCSA warns truck drivers to be alert when driving in wet, rainy conditions, in areas under construction, and in heavy traffic. They recommend the following CMV driving tips to help prevent speed-related accidents and the injuries that can result:

  • During fog, rain, or other adverse weather, you should reduce your speed by as much as half of the regular speed limit.
  • To prevent the risk of rollover accidents, when making turns go slower than posted speed limits, which are primarily geared towards motor vehicle drivers.
  • Use extra caution and slow down significantly at entrance and exit ramps, where as many as 30 percent of all truck accidents occur.
  • Drive slower to accommodate extra heavy loads, as shifting cargo could cause you to tip over or lose control.

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