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Top Ten Defensive Driving Tips


Car accidents and injuries can happen to even the safest and most experienced of drivers, but being aware of potential dangers and how to respond can help to decrease your accident risks. The following defensive driving tips and suggestions are designed to help ensure the safety of you and your passengers when on the road.

Brush Up on Your Defensive Driving Skills  

According to statistics from the Florida Integrated Report Exchange System (FIRES), there were close to 400,000 car accidents that occurred in our state during 2016, resulting in more than 250,000 injuries and 3,000 deaths. Contributing factors in these accidents often include dangerous driving behaviors such as speeding, distracted driving, and driving under the influence.

To protect yourself and prevent being victimized by reckless and negligent drivers, follow these defensive driving tips from insurance provider Trusted Choice:

  1. Go slow. Speeding and going too fast for conditions is one of the leading causes of car accidents in the U.S.
  2. Expect mistakes on the road. Pay attention and stay alert for dangerous drivers and changes in traffic patterns.
  3. Yield to other drivers. Swallow your pride and let other drivers pass you or have the right of way rather than risking a collision.
  4. Use turn signals. Indicating before making a turn, passing, or changing lanes gives other drivers a chance to respond.
  5. Stay calm. Getting stressed or angry behind the wheel increases the likelihood for aggressive driving behaviors, such as tailgating and improper passing.
  6. Give others plenty of space. Particularly in poor weather conditions, keeping a buffer zone between you and other drivers gives you additional time to respond.
  7. Be aware of blind spots. Avoid driving along the sides of cars or trucks, where they are less likely to see you. Always double check your own blind spots before turning or changing lanes.
  8. Avoid driving under the influence. Be aware that even one or two drinks can significantly impair driving ability, and use caution in taking medications before getting behind the wheel.
  9. Be predictable. Drive at a steady pace, and avoid any sudden movements or actions.
  10. Monitor situations around you. Pay attention to what is occurring several yards in front of you, such as road construction or when about to enter a school zone, which could impact traffic conditions.

If you feel like you need to brush up on your driving skills or simply want additional confidence, consider taking a defensive driving and safety course.

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